Your balance is displayed in the upper right corner of the staking interface:

Locked and unlocked $FRBI:

During the 30 or 90 days staking period while NFTs are locked in staking all the earned coins are locked meaning they cannot be withdrawn until the locked staking period is over.

Once the locked period is finished the coins become unlocked and can be withdrawn any time. If the NFTs were not unstaked the $FRBI coins continue mining and keep being added to the unlocked coins balance.

Deposit coins:

Stakers can deposit coins to the balance. We've added this feature for the future since the balance will be used as a wallet for our upcoming casino later:

Just type the amount of $FRBI you want to deposit and confirm the action in your Metamask. You will need to pay the gas fee in MATIC for the transaction:

NOTE: You will need to have a few Matic in your wallet to be able to cover the transfer fee while depositing $FRBI to the wallet on the website.

Withdraw coins:

It is possible to withdraw all or part of the earned unlocked $FRBI at any time. Just select the amount and click Withdraw:

Please note:

1) To make it easier for you to withdraw your coins we will pay the gas fee in MATIC for you however we will deduct a fixed transaction fee in $FRBI from you for the withdrawal.

NOTE: The fee varies depending on the Polygon chain load.

2) Minimal withdrawal amount is 10 $FRBI.

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