Freebi Wiki

NFT Staking Benefits

Learn how you can benefit from 1ATH.Studio NFT Staking!
$FRBI COIN MINING: $FRBI Coin is used in DAO activities, Metaverse (games, shops, events etc.), ReelBulls in-game currency, Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge, IRL event etc.
AUTOMATIC WHITELISTING: The ones who stake IggyBoy NFT(s) will be whitelisted for IggyLady and other upcoming projects.
VOTING: Only NFT Stakers will be able to vote on some important stages of Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge Season 1 and further seasons.
AIRDROP: NFT Stakers will get an airdrop for an IggyBoy & IggyLady pair.
REVENUE SHARE: Opensea trading revenue split To automate the payouts the holders will need to stake to get royalties.
METAVERSE: early-stage privileges in the vUniversum metaverse.
DAO COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: voting and decision-making.
COMMUNITY REWARDS: Boxes, raffles, rewards, promotions.
NFT NAME CHANGE: within a week - higher price. Lower if bi-monthly. Only stakers can change the names of their NFTs.
TRAIT ADDING/REMOVAL: NFT Stakers can add/remove a unique trait per NFT, also it is possible to add a custom background, text, email, ad, or whatever.