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Freebi mining

At the initial stage, the only way to mine Freebi is to stake 1ATH.Studio NFTs, IggyBoy NFT in particular.
Staking periods: 30 days and 90 days.
Staking rewards:
Staking Period
Staking Reward
30 days
30 $FRBI per day
90 days
92.5 $FRBI per day
It is possible to unstake your NFT at any time.
There are 2 scenarios:
  • If your NFT is unstaked while it is locked, you will lose all the collected $FRBI. The NFT is locked in our staking contract for the 30-days or 90-days staking period.
  • If your NFT is unstaked while it is unlocked all the collected coins preserve and it is possible to withdraw them. The NFT is unlocked when 30-days or 90-days period is over.
NOTE: You can keep staking your NFT even after the staking period is over for an unlimited period and keep receiving your daily staking reward.
$FRBI is the key to the multiple utilities provided by 1ATH.Studio.