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How to stake NFTs?

Detailed guide on how to stake your 1ATH.Studio NFTs to earn $FRBI coins.
Connect Metamask:
Your staking journey starts from the login page. Please log in by connecting your Metamask wallet that has 1ATH.Studio NFTs on it:
Connect Metamask
Non-Staked and Staked NFTs pages:
“Staked NFTs” and “Non-Staked NFTs” are the two main pages of our staking interface:
a) "Non-Staked NFTs" page: once a holder is connected to the staking platform with Metamask wallet, the user gets to this page where all holder's NFTs are displayed. This info is taken from OpenSea. All of the displayed NFTs can be staked for 30 or 90 days.
b) "Staked NFTs" page: this page is displaying only NFTs that were staked by a holder. The NFTs on both pages can be sorted and it is possible to find the necessary NFT by its ID.
Search and sorting:
All NFTs on the Not staked page can be sorted by Alphabetical A-Z and Alphabetical Z-A order:
Staked NFTs have more sorting options:
Locked and Unlocked NFTs:
All of the staked NFTs have 2 statuses: they are either locked or unlocked.
An NFT has "Locked" status if its 30-days or 90-day staking period hasn't finished yet. When an NFT is locked it is not possible to withdraw earned coins. The NFT can be unstaked at any time however all the earned coins will be nulled if a locked NFT is unstaked.
After the end of the staking period the NFT gets "Unlocked" status and it is possible to withdraw all the earned coins or part of them. The NFT keeps to be staked even after the lock period has passed and can be unstaked at any time as well. In this case, all the earned coins will not get nulled.
In our staking interface Locked and Unlocked NFTs are stored on separate pages so holders can easily navigate between them.
30-day and 90-day staking periods:
It is possible to stake NFTs for 30 and 90 days. The $FRBI earnings depend on the staking period.
Once a user has staked an NFT for 30 days it will always be possible to extend the staking period and change it to 90 days. The daily Freebi reward will triple, and the coins earned during the 30-day staking period will preserve however the staking lock period will renew to 90 days no matter how many days have already passed and if it was already unlocked before.
Bulk staking:
If you have more than one NFT, you can stake NFTs in bulk to save on the gas fee. All the NFTs you select will be staked via one single contract which is way cheaper than staking each NFT one by one. Just select the NFTs you want to stake or select all and choose the staking period:
Bulk extension to 90 days:
If you have NFTs staked for 30 days and want to extend the staking period to 90 days for several NFTs you can extend the staking period in bulk and save on gas fee since they will be processed in one single transaction: